Who Else Wants More Listings?

Artificial Intelligence + Lead Generation + Qualification Center = More Closings

Who Else Wants More Listings?

Artificial Intelligence + Lead Generation + Qualification Center = More Closings

Results driven real estate appointment generation trusted

by top agents & national brands.

Get EXCLUSIVE Appointments With Sellers TODAY!

Even if your area is a sellers market!

Guaranteed Results

Get a set number of exclusive appointments in your desired area every month, guaranteed! 

We don't deliver, we'll give you your money back!

Exclusive Leads

Never have to share and compete for your real estate leads again. These leads are yours and yours alone.

Lead Nurturing

Tired of chasing down leads? Our 24/7 qualification centre will call, text, and email, every lead for you and connect your serious buyers and sellers.

There’s proof behind our promises.


Average Client ROI

500 +

Pre Qualified Buyer & Seller Leads Generated Monthly.


Lower Costs Than Industry Average

Real Clients. Real Results. 

We let our results - and our clients - speak for themselves

"If you are looking for more leads while you free up time for the important parts of closing deals then look no further! I highly recommend Jeremie Nadon as an addition to your team. His knowledge and expertise in the lead generation game is a vital step in your success."

- Peter Velentis (Realtor, Toronto)


I have been working with Mr. Nadon for over 6 months, and I recommend his services because of the results in terms of creating qualified leads that I have easily been able to turn into new customers.

If you are hesitant abut using Mr. Nadon, then you are welcome to reach out to me."

- David Poole

"Jeremie is really one of the most knowledgable and ambitious people I have ever worked with."

"He knows so many things you can take advantage of to boost your business into a lead generation machine."

"He knows Facebook marketing, and marketing in general like the back of his hand."

- Diego Cortes

Our Three Core Areas of Excellence

Lead Generation

We regularly break through industry standards when it comes to lead generation. For the exact same amount spent, we generate 8-9x more leads than the industry standard. We are never comfortable and always experimenting to find new ways to reach new heights for our clients.

Lead Conversion

You won't be talking to anyone who isn't interested in speaking with you. Our in house team of Inside Sales Associates that works 24/7 will call leads within 5 minutes (while they're still scrolling on social media), prequalify them and book an appointment into your calendar. We follow up with all leads for 6 months.

Content & Branding

We staff content creators and copywriters on your social accounts to create & distribute high quality content. From websites, to blog articles, we help you maintain a high standard of brand online which attracts high quality clients who want to work with you.

You’re a busy Real Estate Agent and you want more listings.

How do you leverage your time, while getting more listings?

Even if you're not tech-savvy?

  •  "Ahead of the curve marketing." The real estate industry isn't changing. It's already changed. These days if you want to stand out in the industry, you have to adopt modern marketing.

  • Artificial Intelligence to find clients. Artificial Intelligence is incredible useful in this day and age of marketing. We use AI to find the best potential clients in your area, then put our ads in front of them, to turn a view into a deal. This also allows us to keep our marketing costs far below the industry standard.
  • Don't partner with a "tech-savvy" company. Partner with a "tech-obsessed" company. We obsess over the little details of our entire system every single day. We are always upgrading.

  • Learn to LOVE the idea of having someone else handle your incoming leads. Have our 24/7 qualification centre call your leads for you, qualify them and book appointments into your calendar while you're sleeping.

Get 100 New Client Opportunities Your First Month or Your Money Back...

Yes...we're so confident you'll LOVE our system that if we don't deliver on our promise you'll get a refund OR we'll work with you for free until we do deliver on our promise.

Apply now to start generating new clients and grow your business

WITHOUT Open Houses, Cold Calling, Zillow, and waiting for Referrals!


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